Project Description
Handle Template Library (HTL) is a C++ library for developing Windows applications and services. It provides a set of classes for files, threads, events, and more.

With HTL it's possible to code

HTL::CEvent hEvent(FALSE, FALSE);
if (true != false)
instead of
HANDLE hEvent = ::CreateEvent(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, NULL);
if (true != false)
As a free bonus there is a lots of checks in the library. For example
HTL::CEvent hEvent(FALSE, FALSE);

hEvent.Set(); // An assertion comes here in debug builds.
If you are familiar with, you don't need to learn how to use this library. Just put #include <htl.h> somewhere in your project and feel the power of WTL extended to all windows kernel objects.

The list of classes in HTL:
  • CHandle
    • CCompletionPort
    • CEvent
    • CFile
      • CCommFile
      • CConsole
      • CDevice
      • CMailslot
      • CNamedPipe
      • CTape
    • CFileMapping
    • CJobObject
    • CMemoryResourceNotification
    • CMutex
    • CProcess
    • CThread
    • CToken
    • CToolhelpSnapshot
    • CSemaphore
    • CWaitableTimer
  • CModule
  • CSCManager
  • CService

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